My name is… Irrelevant

If you really want to know, though, it’s Tatyana. I suffer from ailments ranging from depression and anxiety to an overwhelming desire to spend every waking moment in a fantasy world in my mind. But my biggest challenge is insecurity and general self-loathing.  So I’m taking advantage of this blog that I’ve never used to attempt at reversing this.

I will pick something that my mind tells me is true about me. Like… I’m irrelevant. And then I will counter it with these questions: Is this Factual? Are there other possible truths? If there are other possibilities, what could they be? Could I be viewing myself more negatively than necessary? What is the complete opposite of my “truth?”

Hopefully, this will begin to change the cycle of negativity in my mind and eventually I will begin to believe these things. Until then… here’s to positivity?